Starke Agency, Inc. was the 2011 Medium Business Award Recipient for River Region Ethics in Business and Public Service.

Sure it’s not an Oscar or Grammy, but to us, it’s much more important.

You see, our entire business is built on ethics.

Our customers have to trust us. We’re the insurance expert, so our clients need to know that we are working for their best interest.  For example, our clients need to know that we will be there when they have a claim.

Our insurance carriers have to trust us. Sure we could tell a few “white lies” to the insurance carriers and “help” some of our clients get lower premiums.  But what happens when they have a claim?  What happens when the insurance company discovers, for example, that the client had an older home with outdated electrical wiring when their file says they have a new home?  It all backfires.

Our president, Trey Starke, was recently quoted in the Montgomery Advertiser as saying, “I’ve got a responsibility to my customers, employees and insurance company vendors.  I want to be in a situation where all three of those parties believe (they are part of) an ethical transaction.”

And it just makes sense to make sure this happens.  Our clients and insurance carriers have to trust us for this relationship to work.  If this trust is broken, we’re left with nothing.

Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about being honored with this award!

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About Daniel Souers

Daniel Souers is a licensed insurance agent managing the marketing for Starke. When Daniel isn’t working community events, writing blogs, or dreaming of creative ways to promote Starke, he is spending time with his family. Daniel can be contacted directly at 334-387-4342 or

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