Flood Insurance

Uncle Sam financially backs all flood insurance policies sold in United States. And all flood insurance policies cost the same. So, does it really matter where you purchase flood insurance? Not really. That is, until you have a claim.

Then, myStarke outshines all the rest. We take care of you like a real friend should, making sure your claim is handled quickly and smoothly, going to bat for you if your claim is unfairly denied, and even advising you when to file a claim and when not to file a claim.

We know. It’s pretty exciting news. So come see us downtown (you can’t miss the historic Implement Store building) or call one of our independent insurance agents (334-263-5535).

myStarke Service Benefits
Did you know that we are an independent agency? For that matter, do you know what an independent insurance agency is?

Check out the benefits you get from a relationship with us that you don’t get from a captive agency.

Competitive Prices
Thanks to our independent agency status, we can fight for the best price, and we always fight for you. myStarke has a large platform of insurance companies to choose from, over 15 to be exact.

Your Personal Claims Advocate
Submitting a claim is no fun. An accident brings with it plenty of stress and trauma without piling on paperwork and phone calls. Enter Brenda Edge: your very own, dedicated claims manager. She works for you to make sure your claim is properly handled.

Proactive Expertise
Every year, we take a detailed look at every one of our accounts. If anything has changed for our customers, we make the needed adjustments. If the rate increases more than one hundred and twenty-five dollars, we go to work to ensure you get the best bang for the smallest buck.

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